Ozone generators from INNOVATEC//

…have been of value in various industrial applications for decades. The electrolytic ozone generation technology is especially suitable for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetics industries because ozone is generated directly from water thus preventing contamination by feed-gas.

Some examples of further fields of application for electrolytic ozone generators:

  • Decentral water distribution: protection of drinking water and water for domestic use
  • Outdoor- and camping: sanitization of fresh water tanks
  • Conditioning of used cars: neutralizing odors (e.g. tobacco)
  • Doctor’s offices and hospitals: sanitization of rooms, protection of water distribution systems
  • Domestic: mould control, neutralizing odors

A number of additional fields of application are possible when and wherever a strong and environmentally sound disinfectant is required.


  • KVME Ozone Destructor

New Ozone Destructor

Our long-established catalytic ozone destructors have been optimized in the ozone throughput and performance range and have been supplemented by a new system housing (size E). This now allows the existing [...]