… the inexpen­sive alter­native with ozone

Following the successful introduction of the ELAP series electrolytic ozone generator, the call for a smaller solution for bio labs, hemodialysis, (hospital) pharmacies and smaller cold WFI-installations became louder. By re-using the optimized technology used in the ELAP series, we were able to create the ELAG series. An electrolytic ozone generator especially suited for smaller applications. The design of the ELAG allows for a reliable, fully automatic continuous operation with low maintenance.

The ELAG electrolytic ozone generator generates ozone directly from water and therefore eliminates the risk of recontamination. An advantage of this technology is that no impurities through a feed gas are introduced in the water. The ELAG is therefore especially suitable for the protection of storage and distribution systems for purified water qualities (Electric conductance <20 µS/cm) such as Aqua purificata (Purified Water), Aqua valde purificata (High Purified Water) and Aqua ad iniectabilia (Water For Injection) or comparable water qualities.

The device is currently available in the version ELAG 0,8-7-i1 Smart. With its modern technology, it is able to monitor the entire process of ozone production as well as automatically logging the operating parameters and alarms. Its maximum ozone output of 0,8 gO3/h and operational water flow of ca. 100–250 l/h makes the ELAG a perfect fit for small bio-labs as well as (hospital-)pharmacies.

Our ELAG 0,8-7-i1 Smart ensures a secure solution for continuous operation where purified water is needed.

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