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Cold storage and distribution of pharmaceutical water

Cold storage and distri­bution of pharma­ceutical water – the inexpen­sive alter­native with ozone Following the successful introduction of the ELAP series electrolytic ozone generator, the call for a smaller solution for bio labs, hemodialysis, (hospital) pharmacies and smaller cold WFI-installations became louder. By re-using the optimized technology used in the ELAP series, we were able to create the ELAG series. An electrolytic ozone generator especially suited for smaller applications. […]

2018-02-28T13:30:28+02:0028. February 2018|News|

New Ozone Destructor

New Ozone Destructors Our long-established catalytic ozone destructors have been optimized in the ozone throughput and performance range and have been supplemented by a new system housing (size E). This now allows the existing GMP-C compliant portfolio for the Pharmaline series to be extended by three new KVME-P types. This is now better covered for the task of residual ozone gas disposal in a pharmaceutical water storage tank, through the catalytic ozone destructor an important performance and flow range. […]

2018-04-26T10:37:25+02:0012. June 2017|News|