ELAG – Electrolytic ozone generator

For continuous disinfection of cold storage and distribution systems for ultrapure water.

Electrolytic ozone generator for continuous or discrete disinfection of cold storage and distribution systems for ultrapure water. Ozone is generated directly from ultrapure water. the Design of the ELAG allows reliable, fully automatic operation with low maintenance. The electrolytic generation of ozone guarantees an efficient solution for a high ozone concentration in water without requiring a costly supply of certified operating gas. The ozone generator consists of a power supply and a seperate electrolysis cell made of stainless steel, high-purity titanium and PTFE.

Additional information regarding the process technology can be found in the current ISPE Guideline “Ozone Sanitization of Pharmaceutical Water Systems”.

Product highlights

  • High safety against recontamination through highly effective, systemic protection
  • Generation of high-purity ozone directly from water (in situ) by use of solid polymer electrolytes (PEM-Technology)
  • Power supply with color LCD touchscreen
  • Fanless design enable silent operation
  • Galvanically isolated, short-circuit-proof power supply, IP65 rated
  • Quick, easy maintenance and component exchange possible
  • Custom specific configurable alarm outputs
  • Automatic logging of operation parameters and alarms
  • Comprehensive process and system monitoring with optional up to 7 integrated sensors
  • Safe-Logic (for the analysis and plausibility control of internal processes and process-related sensor data, Firmware update possible)

Other Features

  • High ozone concentrations, capacity controllable through the touchscreen
  • Internal process data storage  (e.g. alarms and sensor data) Safe-Logic
  • CE, UL (in preparation), Materials/Gaskets compliant with FDA (CFR) Title 21, Paragraph 177.1550
  • Economical and environmentally friendly operation


  • PW (purified water/aqua purificata)
  • HPW (high purified water/aqua valde purificata)
  • WFI (water for injection/aqua ad injectabilia)
  • Similar process water qualities for e.g. cosmetic-, semiconductor-industry as well as bio- and medical-technology
  • Generally in all applications where sterile ultrapure water is required
Type ELAG 0.8-7-i1 Smart ELAG 1.1-7-i1 Smart
Display and Operation 10“ Touch Display Operating Languages (de, fr, en, es)
Safe-Logic Standard
Storage of events, notes and alarms Standard
Potential-free contact
(48VDC/1 A)
Ozon­production notification
Alarm 1 (freely configur­able)
Alarm 2 (freely configur­able)
Input for remote ON/OFF Normally open contact (24 VDC / 0,1 A)
Input 4...20 m DC for Ozone output control
Output 4...20 mA DC for Cell operating voltage
Cell operating current
Operating temperature 0…40°C
IP indication power supply IP 65 (DIN 40 050 IEC 529 or EN 60 529 / 10.91)
Appliance class Class I, Protective-earth connection (as per DIN 57 100 or VDE 0100 u. 0106 T1)
Emergency power supply in case of power outage by means of battery at least for 48 h, tool-free replacement of battery with charge regulator
Electric supply 100…240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 170 VA 100…240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, 190 VA
Ozone capacity max. 0,8 gO3/h max. 1,1 gO3/h
Materials and seals (wetted materials) DIN EN 10 027 Stainless Steel 1.4571 (AISI 316Ti), Titanium 3.7035 (AISI Ti Grade 2), PTFE, FEP (Materials FDA (CFR) Title 21, Paragraph 177.1550)
Ozone concentration Determined by the respective flow
Water flow rate (through the cell) during standstill Periodically a little to fill the ozone cell or constantly very low flow (the ozone cell must always be filled with water!)
Water flow rate during operation ca. 100...250 ℓ/h (150 ℓ/h nominal)
Required water quality Desalted, conductivity <20 μS / cm, specific details on request
Required water temperature ca. 15...25 °C
Cell operating temperature < 50 °C, nominal 30...40 °C
Temperature measurement Display range 0 ... 60 ° C (display on touch screen, integrated sensor)
Flow Measurement Display range 50 ... 300 l / h (displayed on touch screen, integrated sensor)
Pressure measurement Display range 0 ... 10 bar (displayed on touch screen, integrated sensor)
Electrical Conductance monitoring Alarm when limit is exceeded (displayed on touchscreen, integrated sensor)
Cell compressive strength (test pressure) –1…+10 bar
Cell operating pressure –0,9...+6 bar
Ultrapure water connections 3/8 "or clamp connection based on DIN 32676A, others on request (eg Serto 10 mm)
Connection for the hydrogen disposal R/G 1/8“